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In the past few years we have seen many new people come to live and work in South Belfast. While Some have felt welcomed - sadly, there are also some who have suffered racism.

As part of its wider strategy, the South Belfast Roundtable on Racism has been working in local communities to promote good relations and identify projects that can effectively tackle racist attitudes. This project came about as part of this work in the Donegall Pass area; it brings together members of the long-term community of Donegall Pass, the established Chinese community (Hoi Sum Chinese Older Persons Group) and members of the newer Polish community to explore “How did we come here?”

Supported and facilitated by the Ulster People’s College (Karen McCartney, lecturer in Adult and Community Education), the groups first met together in September 2006. Individual groups then researched and collated written and photographic material - before coming together to share their work verbally.

By sharing who we are, and how we came to live together in Belfast, we hope that we will build a relationship and trust which will help us work together to make Belfast a better place for all.

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